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Default Re: Is Lakers depth a problem?

Originally Posted by LA Lakers
Look, since 2010 we got rid of Farmar, Sasha etc, weve had the lowest producing bench in the NBA. And at this point, anyone we can get is better than Steve Blake. Blake and Sasha are both pretty similar. They used to kill us in games, then they put on a Lakers jersey and all of a sudden they cant shoot...

I actually never minded Sasha. In fact, I thought he was a big part of beating Boston in the finals. As we all know Fisher couldn't D up anybody. When the Lakers would have a backcourt of Sasha and Kobe they were at their best against the Celtics. Of course I'd never really want to pay him more than the minimum and there certainly are other players I would take over him, but he was a little better than most people remember him being.
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