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Default Re: Zone or Man to Man D against fast, black, athletic youth?

Depends, if they're just a bunch of run & gun players with less organization and fundamentals, I say press their asses. That is if you guys can keep up.

Also, what do you mean by athletic black youth? A point guard who is is small in stature but just physically overwhelms all his defenders? A long athletic wing who is either too big or too fast to guard 1 on 1? A guy who just towers over the rest of the players and basically once he catches the ball it's either foul or get dunked on? Perhaps all 3?

For the physically dominant pg you can box-and-one. For the other two either play really aggressive zone that double teams when ever someone catches; or play man and make sure your team has memorized weak-side help rotations.

Personally I've played lots of these kinds of teams. You can tell the moment you walk into the gym, instead of an old strict white guy as a coach their coach is his teens wearing sweatpants and messing around with the players. Usually they don't run any plays and play really aggresive defense( try to swat every shot instead of just keeping their arms straight) so it's easy to get them in foul trouble. Also, they usually have WACK shot selection. One guy can miss 7 pull-up threes in transition from nearly NBA range and have no hesitation to shoot the next time down.

Overall your game plan should be lock them down tight and frustrate on defense, and try to slow down the game and run your halfcourt sets on offense. Since you said your kids have great fundamentals, try to get the other team in foul trouble and hurt them from the line.
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