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Exclamation Urgent. One more player needed today!

I am in a Head to Head -Points 6 Team Yahoo BKB league that needs one more player.
The Live Draft is Saturday 27 9:00 PM EST. So that means today!!

We are a bunch of inexperienced players so we're just having fun. We will have a lot of talent in our teams because we will be only 6 teams.

So please please please anyone that wants to join to help us complete 6 teams, I promise you it will be chill because we all know each other in real life so drop outs are unlikely.

Here's the League ID number: 76592 Password: pg2012

or use this link BKB2012

I'll rep you and see if I can work out a prize or something with my buddies in case you end up winning the league. No promises though : p, but thank to whoever decides to join.
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