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Default Re: Indiana Hoosiers are preseason No. 1 in AP poll

I'm not even that sold on Kentucky. I know Calipari got his usual bevy of 5* blue-chip recruits, but I'm just not "feeling" this class the same way I was last year's or the Wall/Cousins/Bledsoe class. Don't get me wrong, I think Kentucky will be very good and, like you said, due to there not being a clear cut group of elite teams they'll be in the mix, but I'm just a lot more cautious about them than I normally would be. Part of that is also due to them not having any proven holdovers from last year. I know Wiltjer played some last year, but his role was very minor.

We're definitely back to 2010 and 2011 levels of talent. Neither Indiana or Louisville are on the same level (not even close in my opinion) as Kentucky and a healthy North Carolina from last year. I'm not sure there's even a team that I'd call a "sleeper" elite team.
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