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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Couple things to point out:

1. Read a few articles about amare's current injury. Basically, the injury he has causes fluid on the knee but it's not something that is expected to be recurring. Basically, the cyst is caused by an infection that eventually bursts. It goes away with rest. No rehab is really required. Eventually, once it drains, your body absorbs the fluid naturally.It actually may be a blessing in disguise. Amare had a bone bruise in his knee and it was said by many that he came bak too soon. The rest from the cyst actually helps with the bine bruise.

2. As previously mentioned, this is our 1st full season with these guys but more importantly, it's our 1st real training camp with these guys. We added a star player, changed coaches and went through significant injuries all without a training camp last year.

3. Wouldnt a guy like Bargnani draw us back to the D'antoni style ball we dreaded? You think Amare doesnt defend or rebound? Bargnani is probably worse...if that's possible. He's a 7 footer and only gets like 5 rebounds and 0.5 blocks a game.

4. I too would rather build chemistry than blow this whole thing up right away but one trade I would make is giving up Amare and Chandler for LaMarcus Aldridge. I'd evenconsider throwing in Shumpert. Alricge is that good.2nd best PF in the league behind Dirk in my opinion.
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