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Default Re: Urgent. One more player needed today!

Originally Posted by Rojogaqu11
What time would be better for you? I am commissioner of the league so I can change the time and day of draft. I placed this date from 2 weeks ago because some people work during the day, but I could change it to 7 PM or 8PM EST if you want.

For the time being, if someone else is interested the spot is still open.

PS. Allnet, for some reason I checked my fantasy history in Yahoo and I noticed that in 2005 we may have played in a league. Was your team Allnet Swish? : P I haven't played since that time.

Yeah that's me, unless somebody else uses that name but seems unlikely. Only time I could do would be 6ET.but I wouldn't want you to change just for me. If nobody joins by 6ET will join and pre rank my players least then you will be able to draft

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