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Default Re: Browns Look Smart For Not Drafting Blackmon

Originally Posted by Pacers4ever
Yeah I agree I'm not writing down Gordon is better than Blackmon because of both of their situations but I still don't think drafting A RB that early was a smart move for the browns and I heard he got benched last game for playing like shit. He also said his injury is more serious than people think which is another reason why I don't draft RBs that early because of their short career tendency but this is still very early for an injury bringing down his performance that much.
As many on this board can attest, I was also against drafting a running back with the 4th (ended up being the 3rd) overall pick in the draft. It was never anything to do with TRich. He was/is clearly a superb talent. I just didn't like drafting that particular position that high.

With that said, he was not benched for performance reasons last week. That is crazy. He is the best offensive weapon we have, along with Gordon on the outside. When he is playing, there is a noticeable impact on the entire offense.

He was taken out of the game because he was clearly injured and trying to fight through it. That was obvious to me -- a fan -- so I'm sure it was even more clear to the coaching staff.

Hardesty will never get the nod over a healthy TRich... And Hardesty has actually looked good himself this season. Still, the disparity in talent is obvious. TRich is on another level in just about all facets of the game.
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