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Default Re: Serge Ibaka has reached agreement on a four-year, 48 million contract extension

Originally Posted by WeGetRing2012
I don't even know why Im going at it like this with Thunder fans but if their FO was smart they wouldn't make Ibaka/Harden/Durant/Westbrook their core. And yes a core of four young players has never won a ring which is why people were making such a big deal about them this year. A core of Westbrook/Durant/ & another high priced slightly older player (like Aldridge, Josh Smith, etc) +other pieces would take them further. They can get what Ibaka & Harden brings to the table for much cheaper. I don't even feel like Im arguing Im just stating facts.

And yes this Lakers team is built to contend for the next 3 or 4yrs. Like I said, you guys can try to downplay us all you want but we are the best team in the league. Its funny how you guys are saying that PROVEN battle tested players like Nash/Kobe/Artest/Gasol/Dwight need to play a game before you believe the hype ..... barring injury I have no doubt we will win the ring...

But the Lakers are beside the point it's just that you Thunder fans seem to think that it will be a cake walk to the Finals every year. Do you guys seriously think Ibaka/Durant/Westbrook/ & MAYBE HARDEN will be enough to win rings? And if at the end of all these contracts you think the Thunder will have enough to sign them all back to bigger deals and convince them to stay for even more despite coming up short!

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