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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Scoooter
The Rockets need to move some pieces. I don't what'what though. So much boozin. g
I first I thought "why the hell would OKC break the team up when they just went to the finals? Why not wait until the offseason?Harden is restricted". Then I saw how much the Rockets gave him and the fact that they are already guaranteeing him a max deal. Wow! Had my daughter not gotten sick in the middle of the night and subsequently kicked me outta my bed, I wouldnt have even known lol. I was just flicking thru channels and saw the headline. I was halfway to sleep n I woke up like WTF? I like Harden but I think the Rockets are reaching n overpaying for guys. Their moves are very resemblant of the Isaiah regime. Good draft choices but overpaying talented guys as if theyre superstars.

I think the guy thatll go is Lazar Hayward. Hes pretty good too. Worth a look. I think JaJuan Johnson may get cut too. He would be a nice guy to have. 6'10 guy with shot blocking ability and a nice mid range J. He could learn a lot from Camby. They are similar players.
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