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Default Re: Omer/Hickson/Mullen (pick 2!) :D

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
Asik over Hickson imo.

agreed. i think he'll give elite rebounds and pretty good blocks. he won't take enough FTs to really kill you and i think his foul trouble is way overstated. his per 36 and splits look fine and he hasn't really had much trouble in the preseason. asik might be a mostly rebounding specialist but he's worth it and he only helps your FG%.

gotta say though man, i really like your draft. getting pekovic, lillard, faried and omer late like that is awesome. i think you're a bit light in assists but lebron and lillard should really carry you with that. and if curry is healthy? that won't even matter and your team is a damn beast. just stacked.

your bigs are very solid. you should just about dominate boards. if chandler stays healthy, you should be way up there in blocks. only other thing i can say is a problem is FG% but no team is perfect. good job.
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