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Default Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Originally Posted by SunsCaptain
I dont play alot of games anymore these days but this one I had to get.

I was so sick of all the fast paced games I just wanted a game I could relax and have fun with. And this game is perfect.

Only thing it needs is Co-op. But the single player is ok for now.

Btw my favorite class (to use) is the one that can sprint and then shoot with the shotgun. Great for strats. And fun.

But the class I cherish and will not let die is my sniper. All I do every mission is position my team to make my sniper safe and useful. I will even sacrifice other classes to save my snipers.

I love my snipers too man! Always keep them as safe as possible. Also, I love my support class soldier. He's incredibly useful with his 3x med kits and smoke grenade

Also the memorial is creepy! Shows all ur players/how many missions they went before they died/how many kills. I Name and customize all my characters to ppl in my life and me...So looking in there is

All the guys/gals with 1 mission and died
Dude, I have little stories in my head when they die, like "SGT. Wolf", he died a brave death facing 3 mutons at the same time! I have a ton of dead rookies in the memorial but I lost two very brave and experienced soldier... sigh This is the only game that the death of my troops actually hurt
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