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Default Re: Browns Look Smart For Not Drafting Blackmon

Woa, calm down RBA. Like yourself, I've been extremely suspicious about investing a first rounder on Weeden aswell, but they are proving me wrong and I'm starting to think he can actually become a very productive QB for some years to come.

However, he has been getting a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time in the pocket to throw his deep balls. Right now, I am waaaay more impressed with our OL (in pass protection) at times than with Weeden. Still, he's right on the money with his long throws and he's starting to get some heat and zip on his throws overall. Loving it.

Also, the only problems I got with him right now, are that he checks down way too often, dumping it off to Trent, and whenever he's under pressure, he doesn't handle it very well which result in some very poor throws. But hey, he's a rookie, albeit an old one, I'll still give him somewhat of a pass in his first year despite people saying he was NFL ready.

Speaking of Trent, I'd be wary of any draft conclusions. I am so sick of watching him trying to run up the gut for 2 yard gains with this offense. The quicker Shurmur's gone, the quicker Trent can flourish in my opinion.
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