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Default Re: UConn basketball graduation rates are horrible

Wow. Those numbers are terrible. Well at least the UConn rowing, field hockey, lacrosse, softball and women’s tennis programs all had perfect 100 GSR scores. Rowing was eight points above the national average, while field hockey was six points above, lacrosse three points above, softball 11 points above and women’s tennis seven points above. Also the women's basketball program had a 92% GSR score. But we gotta get our numbers up for men's basketball. Also this isn't Jim Calhoun's fault. Trust me, as a former student at UConn and proud alumni, coach Calhoun was constanty on his players about doing well in school,attending classes, and getting their college degree. The rest is on the student to do their part. But for the fellas, we gotta improve those numbers.

Let's go, Huskies!!!
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