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Default Re: Harden traded...a huge tremor for my other fav. NBA team not the Raptors

Originally Posted by Grey Dawn
But think about this Harden situation.

Their big 3 are/were supposed to have had epic level chemistry.

Yet Harden would have to explain to Durant/Westbrook that even though the Thunder made him multiple very large offers that were only slightly below the max, that he valued the extra $1 million/year over the friendship/chemistry, and over making deep playoff runs well into the foreseeable future. Durant and Westbrook both made concessions in their contracts. Harden flaked out for the small amount of extra cash, the ball was in his court (i.e. OKC made a fair and high valued contract offer), and HE FLAKED OUT.

So Harden better not say a thing about valuing the chemistry/friendship in his upcoming interviews, which you know he will, but it will be bull$hit because he is the one who flaked out.

It's also because the NBA is a business first and foremost and that goes for the players too, no matter how much they precieve to not talk about it.

Harden wanted the max because he thought his value might be at it's peak by that point. You can't blame him for what he wants, because he will probably value that over things like deep playoff runs/legacy. Some players don't care for those because they don't know how long they can stay in the league.

I did think the trio had a lot of chemistry and it's even more surprising when he twittered about this too:

So really, you got to think what most players in the league are thinking about. That business mentality first.

To take it back to the Raptors a bit, with the combination of the undesired location of Toronto for NBA players and the fact that MLSE will NEVER spend big, despite being in a spend-big classed city and having the money, there is NO WAY Toronto is ever keeping a team of premiere-level players on board, let alone a single top calibre player. So unless ownership changes, there is no way Raptors are EVER seeing a late playoff run.

Well, this has probably been on many Raptor fans minds for a long time now. The ownership needs actual management that cares about winning and building a proper team. I actually like the team we have right now, even though at has no current superstar presence. It's a team with depth and a young, defensive minded core.

I just don't know if we can get any lucrative free-agent signing, though. It's always either the Canadian label that doesn't draw attraction or we just didn't put enough effort to the signings. I mean, the best free agent signing that we got and tried to sell was Hedo Turkuglo, which turned out horrible. Maybe Landry Fields become a quality player for us ?

As of now, the right management can make even better moves, but I don't know if we could get the free agents in the future.
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