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Default Re: Browns Look Smart For Not Drafting Blackmon

Originally Posted by bisk
Woa, calm down RBA. Like yourself, I've been extremely suspicious about investing a first rounder on Weeden aswell, but they are proving me wrong and I'm starting to think he can actually become a very productive QB for some years to come.

However, he has been getting a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time in the pocket to throw his deep balls. Right now, I am waaaay more impressed with our OL (in pass protection) at times than with Weeden. Still, he's right on the money with his long throws and he's starting to get some heat and zip on his throws overall. Loving it.

Also, the only problems I got with him right now, are that he checks down way too often, dumping it off to Trent, and whenever he's under pressure, he doesn't handle it very well which result in some very poor throws. But hey, he's a rookie, albeit an old one, I'll still give him somewhat of a pass in his first year despite people saying he was NFL ready.

Speaking of Trent, I'd be wary of any draft conclusions. I am so sick of watching him trying to run up the gut for 2 yard gains with this offense. The quicker Shurmur's gone, the quicker Trent can flourish in my opinion.
You're exactly right about the offensive line. It has been phenomenal. I've been saying for years, "Why isn't our line better?" I mean, we do have arguably the best left tackle in the league, one of the best centers in the league, Pinkston was solid before his injury, Lavaou is not flashy, but a solid pro.... Which brings me to my next point, Mitchell Schwartz has been the real deal so far.

He's played every PLAY so far this year and seems to be getting better and better. He can play multiple positions and sides on that line with equal effectiveness. You know, of all our headline making draft picks in the last year (Richardson, Weeden, Gordon), Schwartz may turn out to be the best pick of any in the long run. We'll see how it shakes out.

As for my comments on Weeden, maybe slightly over the top, but I feel like I have to be a little over the top to compensate for people's often times completely off-base opinions about his season which is really based off of one game. If he wasn't 29, I would be jumping for joy right now. I do have to temper things a bit because he is so old for a rookie, but I do really like what I see. Even today in awful weather, he didn't make any big mistakes and came up with some very nice throws.

Now, you are right... Much of that credit should also go to the line which has been outstanding this year and the threat of an actual running game which we haven't had in the past, but Weeden also deserves the nod and I'm a guy who out-and-out hated that pick. He's got a rocket for an arm, has cut out the mistakes that were there in the first few weeks and seems to be "getting it" a little better each week.

I think if RG3 and Luck weren't playing as well as they are this year, Weeden would be getting a little more national attention for how well he's played, but right now it's been mostly under the radar (being 2-6 doesn't help). Hey, I'm willing to admit it when I'm wrong and, at least so far, he has completely blown away any expectations that I had.

As for Shurmur, he is a really bad in-game coach. I've noticed, like today, we came out of the gates looking great on offense. He had a plan for that first drive and the team executed it flawlessly... But, as San Diego adjusted, he failed to meet those new challenges. Plus, he way too easily goes away from the running game and gets enamored with throwing the ball. We have a bull in the backfield and a damn good line. Why not use that for more than a "two yard in a cloud of dust" type dive every 4-5 plays? It isn't impossible to get creative with the running game, but he seems inept at doing so.

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