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Default Re: UConn basketball graduation rates are horrible

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
Just shows that Calhoun was just concerned with winning and didn't give a crap about these guys graduating.

Why would he? Name me a team that has won in the last couple years that hasnt had kids leave after a year or two for the league. Kentucky's entire starting 5 was in the draft. Andre Drummond is like 18 years old, if there was no rule about HS straight to the league then he would have just gone to the NBA. The COLLEGE is at fault, not the coach. His job is to win titles and that is what he did with a SHIT program to start with. He built tradition out of nothing. Jim Calhoun made them great PLAYERS, he is not a professor so being blamed for shit in the classroom makes 0 sense when in fact he did always check up on the kids on his end

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