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Default Some Raptors preseason highs

Kyle Lowry was a little slow out of the gate thanks to a strained adductor muscle in his left leg, but when he finally did get on the court in the fourth of a seven-game pre-season, Lowry wasted little time in showing what he will bring to this Raptors team. Lowry is a no-nonsense basketball player as comfortable setting up others as he is creating for himself and certainly not shy about the latter. He brings a toughness and swagger that this Raptors team has lacked for some time. His end-of-game scoring abilities will be most welcome here.

Ed Davis, before a sore hip cost him some playing time in the latter stages of the pre-season, showed plenty. He averaged over seven rebounds in just over 18 minutes a night. His shot mechanics have been straightened out and hes a much sturdier presence in the post and under the basket, having dropped some bad weight and added some necessary muscle. The biggest question is where he will fit in this rotation of bigs with Andrea Bargnani, Valanciunas, and Amir Johnson all poised for big minutes ahead of him.

-- Toronto Sun
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