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Default Re: Harden traded...a huge tremor for my other fav. NBA team not the Raptors

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
So Joe Johnson when he was leaving Phoenix wasn't worth it either? I think he proved otherwise in Atlanta over the course of that first big deal (we all know the 2nd one flopped big time). Harden is also a better player than JJ was at the same age.

I'll take my chances on a high efficiency wing scorer that has the ability to get to the line at a high rate. The efficiency should drop a bit being a #1 option but given his skillset, he is exactly the type of player I'd trust to be a very good offensive player for the long-run. He's also a very solid playmaker too. Not great on D but not too bad either.

I am not saying that he isn't worth good money but max money should not be made with someone who is a third option. Having 3 max deals on one team goes towards Heat-Lakers territory and the Thunder weren't there.
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