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Default Re: Article: Coach Brown's offensive philosophy

Originally Posted by kkinchen
This Princeton offense is a bit too much in my opinion. If we ran 90% of our offensive plays with Nash in a pick and roll setting, we would be by far the best offense in the league. I think Brown is overthinking things here given the personnel we have.

We'll get it right though. Just give Nash the keys and let him do what he does.

I agree with you kk, If anyone just looks at how successful Jerry Sloan was with Stockton and Malone running pick and rolls they will know you are right.....and with the additional talent we have we would easily dominate the league.
Is Mike Brown over thinking this YES, however our hybrid Princeton offense will work as long as it is given time IF Mike Brown stays completely out of anything having to do with the offense........oh boy are we in trouble!!!!!
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