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Default Re: BTE Fantasy League! (Meet the teams)

Originally Posted by Brujesino
Im gonna propose a trade for klay thompson.I doubt you will accept it but im gonna try.
pm me

The Silent Killer: Silent Killer
Shots Taken: Hittin_Shots
Deep Dick Pizza: skan72
The Champion Cruise: CarlosBoozer
Blue Bombers: BuffaloBill
Slutty Boyz: Al Thornton
CeltsGarlic's Finest: CeltsGarlic
******s and Wetbacks: Kobe Jnr
Sheen Time: Charlie Sheen
Bcogswell: Bcogswell (formerly Harrison Barnes)
Vin Baker's Dozen: ProfessorMurder
Moose: kNIOKAS
BTEKnicks: blablabla
jay: jaydacris
LamarOdom: LamarOdom
Mogwai's: Brujesino
LustLizards: ZeN

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