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Default Re: First time Fantasy Team

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Risky with Bynum and Gordon both having knee problems. Could pay off for you however. You've got some killer 3 point shooting and I reckon both Thompson and Monroe are good breakout candidates.

I'd probably pick up Asik as I reckon you need another big since you're depending on Bynum's knees to hold up the entire year and Nowitski will miss the first 6 weeks. That leaves you Gasol (Sharing front court time with Howard and now having Jamison to spell him off the bench) and Monroe as your only other PF/C players. At the very least Asik should pull down some rebounds and block some shots.

Yeah I figure with the playoff format in the last few weeks of the season, I can risk grabbing some high risk injured players that could pay off big once I make it to the post season. Asik is also definitely on top of my waiver list. I'm also thinking of picking up Rose as soon as Dirk comes back to full form.
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