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Default Re: Harden traded...a huge tremor for my other fav. NBA team not the Raptors

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
This is one of those rare trades that seems to be good for everyone involved.

- OKC ownership is "crying poor" and not willing to go into the luxury tax so this had to be done. I'm sure it makes sense as a business decision but it's not a good sign to their fans. They do get some immediate help back at SG with Martin to make another deep playoff run plus some potential in Lamb.

- If I was a fan of the Thunder, this is an unfortunate wake-up for them that their team will not be run like LA, Dallas or Miami. It still comes down to the bottom line. It's a good thing they at least have great management.

- Houston gets the best player in the deal and a core piece they can build around for years. Houston is going to have Harden through most of his "prime" years.

- Harden absolutely made the right call in declining the offer. In restricted free agency he would have received multiple max-deal offer sheets. It's not even speculation. It would have happened. OKC's offer to him was laughable.

Good post.

1) Actually Okla gets a good prospect like Lamb AND a number of likely high draft picks as it takes Houston time to rebuild. This includes TORONTO'S draft pick for Lowry.

2) They may still run into the tax... agreed not like Miami or Lakers. But Okla could come to a point where they do sign Lamb or another player into the tax. Its just they were not prepared to do so for Harden and have no depth. Again this is smart management but the tax thing is "to be seen"

3) Houston got a whole pile of other palyers for picks. I like Harden - no question as a building block - but I am not sure trading the picks for "upside minor league players" is the right move unless they are accelerating their rebuilding

4) Harden would have had serious offers from an number of teams. Correct declining it was the right thing for him
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