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Default Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Originally Posted by LJJ
Keeping you snipers save is definitely a priority. Not only do they become killing machines once you level them and give them some plasma rifles, they are also total bitches to level in the first place.

Does anyone have any tips towards the heavy class? They just seem like a waste of a squad spot to me, with their bad accuracy and gimped movement. The rockets are kind of nice, but not compared to the bonuses and abilities the other classes get. But alas, probably I'm just using them wrong or missing something, so what is the deal with those guys?

I use my Heavy class as my overwatch and frontlines guy.

Firing the primary weapon as the first action no longer ends the turn.
-Great for if the enemy moves to where you are in a dangerous spot but want to shoot first before retreating.
Can fire a special shot that grants reaction fire at a single target. The target also suffers a -30 Aim penalty
-Great if the enemy is trying to get a shot off on 1 of ur squad members.
Confers a second reaction shot if on Overwatch and the first reaction shot is a hit.
-Why I like to put him upfront and on overwatch.
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