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Originally Posted by clipse
I've been offered Lawson for Paul George and Mayo. The issue is that it leaves me with only one SG (Manu). Should I make the trade and try to find a SG off FA's? I'm thinking Mayo will get quite a few FGA's, and I hate the idea of letting go of George.

I would definitely take that trade. You can always try to trade for another SG later or get someone off waivers.

Take into account waivers for any 2 for 1's.

Basically it's Javale McGee and Lawson vs. Paul George and Mayo. I would take McGee and Lawson in a second. By the way, I think McGee will be better than people expect and still get a lot of minutes, probably winning over the starting gig early into the season. You can turn it around and package something like Lawson and Thad Young to aim for a first rounder or try to trade that package for James Harden.
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