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I ended up taking the deal. With Manu as my only SG (and now hurt), I dropped Barnes to snag Henderson. I'll now consider Jarrett Jack, JaVale, Nick Young, and RIP once the trade goes through. Any suggestions?

I am hurt substantially in 3PT's now, and don't know if I should just tank 3's to solidify other categories. I might consider Byron Mullens, but having 2 players on the BOBCATS??? Ugh.... And The reason I wouldn't be inclined to take McGee is that I should be fine with blocks (Hibbert, Davis, Gasol, and even Thad Young) most weeks. But 3pt's i'm limited to Manu, Lawson, and Nash since Westbrook and Henderson don't really make a lot of 3's.

Thanks BTW for everyone's input.

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