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Default Re: Andrew Bynum this season

It's roto. He is basically dangling Bynum and an early 3rd rounder for Westbrook.

If Bynum plays more than 50 games it's probably a good deal but he really worries me considering he's going into the season not making it through practice (he had to leave his last practice due to knee pain) and is supposingly out of shape. The other reason I'm hesitant is I drafted fairly well and the end of my bench is a lot of value to drop (would be Darren Collison or G Vazquez).

In general this year, I stayed away from any players with chronic injuries i.e. Bynum, Bogut, Amare, Curry, Rose, Granger because I didn't want to hear about it all season and I got burnt badly by Rose and Curry last year.

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