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Default Re: How do some of yall watch 100+ games of nba if ur life contains work,school,gym?

Originally Posted by Umad101
Last year I only had school and gym. I had basically free time to watch all the lakers games and other games too. But now that I have a full time job and full time student I don't think I can watch as many games. If I'm not at work I'm at school and after work/school I go to the gym at 7. Come back around 9. Than I eat and relax for an hour than start to study at 10 for an hour so I can keep up what's going on in my classes. By the time I'm done I tired as *** and go to sleep cuz I got to wake up in the morning early. And this doesn't even include making time to chill with friends. So if u have a hectic schedule like me how are going to watch ur favorite team play? I also was really excited for this season too
So was I

I still am sucker
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