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Default Re: Drafted for Roto, how did it go?

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
Someone school me on how roto works and draft strategy.

In generalized terms, and anyone feel free to add something I forgot -

H2H is a gonzo situation, where you want as many guys and games played crammed into a week as possible, because there's no limit and every point/board/steal etc can win you that category in a given week. You're thinking short term/week to week with most waiver moves as to who can help you the most at that moment with a particular category. You hope to build a team that punts one or two cats and is fantastic in all the others, because as long as you're winning 5-4 or 6-3 each week you're in good shape to make the playoffs.

Roto is more about efficiency and long-term, in that you only have 82 games for each position, and you need to get as much from each individual game as possible. You're keeping stats over the entire course of the season and getting a score of 1-10 in each category from that entire-season total, so you're thinking long-term in most cases. Unless a starter is hurt or under-performing, I'm keeping him in my starting lineup and my bench players are staying on the bench. I still want my bench to perform as needed, but I generally look to improve my starting lineup only from an efficiency perspective and worry less about my bench players. You might punt a category to make your team ultra-efficient, but often the way to win is to be very good in every category to tabulate as much total points as possible.
So in a 10 team league where I'm the best in points/boards/steals/, and the worst in blocks, my team has 31 points - 10 each from points/boards/steals, and only 1 point from blocks. If I can have one category where I'm a 4, another a 6, and the rest a 9-10, I have a good shot at winning the league.

From wikipedia- Rotisserie scoring encourages balance on the team's roster. Winning the rebounds category by one rebound or by one thousand rebounds counts the same, while winning the steals category by one steal and the assists category by one assist is worth twice as many points as winning the single rebounding category by one thousand rebounds. Successful teams must fare well in several categories to win in rotisserie leagues.
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