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Default Re: Should we pick up Kenyon Martin or Delonte West?

Originally Posted by gigantes
maybe kmart for the right price. not sure what he has left at this point.

west, he'll be productive for a long stretch, then he'll melt down and cause a huge headache for the team. maybe if the right people are around to handle him... john lucas, maybe?

Well KMart last year showed that he could be quite productive, considering how he wasted half season in China. Id say he will be a worthy bench player if we manage to sign him, not sure how much he wants for a contract though.

West definitely is a double-edged dagger for any teams, the fact is that the Nets have nothing to lose anyway. With a leader like Deron hes likely to settle down a bit. The only downside is that Lebron will be in frenzy mode against us if we put West on him.
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