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Default Re: Should we do in-game and post-game discussion here?

Originally Posted by gigantes
lakers fans can be incredibly sensitive, so i can see how that might have gone wrong. and, you know... i also have one hater who likes to follow me around and keeps negging me with "STFU you fatass!" ...although if you remember my pics you'll know that i'm about as lean as it gets.

i was sort of hoping to finish filling out my rep bar one day, but it probably won't happen. this place is a certain kind of boys club. if you know how to make the right kinds of one-liners, you'll have a "top reputation" in a matter of weeks. if you bore people, are weird, too 'intellectual', challenge them too much, or simply fall outside the norm you'll tend to get ignored or repped down in to redville. whatever.

that said, i know i can come across as a little condescending, nitpicky, anti-social at times. i definitely have room to grow.

aaaaanyway, i've noticed that most nets fans seem to prefer posting in game threads rather than in the season thread here. i do think the game threads are better suited for temporary conversation, and the season thread is better for making more long-term observations. i don't know how you could force people to post in any particular place, anyway.

lol a hater that dedicated, hopefully he gets a life someday. Ain't you actually feeling pity for him?

I am sure many ISHers want to have dozens of green bars too someday. I know Knicks fans love to rep each other up in their tiny little circle/forum. Dunno if any other fans do this though, I personally dont think its the appropriate way to go anyway.

Yup I agree with you on this. Game Thread is what you do to post your thought mid-way into the game, and cheer for your team when you are going on a run. When the show is over, it is better to write in post-game threads on this forum. There are ways to motivate people to post in particular places though, I've done that when I was admining forums. It depends on forums though. Dont think it will work out for ISH, even Jeff is unable to urge posters to do this.
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