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Default Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

I'm using the power of my beautiful new red, to say what must be said, It doesn't matter who we get on this team if we have a video coordinator as a head coach.....he may as well be the janitor.....I suspect the janitor could do a better job. Him at coach is like giving the best race car to a drivers ed student and expecting to win the biggest race of the year........not gonna happen, no how, no way. Hate this if you want.....defend Brown all you want but I told all of you the day they hired him that he was not a real coach, I said even the biggest homer/defender would eventually see the obvious......the time is now.....I am beyond done!!!! I thought I heard something about the players hating the new shock there!!! It is time guys, it is time!!!!!

(Since kk has a Sith Lightsaber of red as someone called it, does this mean he has more power than me??? )
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