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Default Re: Trail Blazers have a new president and CEO

Ultimately, the Blazers picked a sports executive known for pumping up the bottom line and filling Southern Californian arenas, and Olshey got a team president who gave up his basketball dreams freshman year in high school and therefore willingly stays within his business lane.

"Throughout the process, knowing how they ran the (NHL's) L.A. Kings and his integral role there in terms of generating revenue," Olshey said, "working on a daily basis collaboratively with the general manager there but understanding that Chris has his responsibilities at the Rose Garden and I have mine at the practice facility was important to me. Knowing somebody that appreciates basketball operations but doesn't think they have input into basketball-related decisions. Just like I appreciate the job that they do and support them anyway I can, but I don't come down to the Rose Garden and tell them how to put together season-ticket packages."

-- Columbian
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