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Default Re: Some notes after Lakers lose opening night to Mavs

Howard was forceful offensively, too much so in the end, as he picked up his fifth and sixth fouls while he had the ball. Nash's haircut made him look younger, but nothing else did.
So, no, the Lakers did not roll off the assembly line with perfect fuel efficiency Tuesday night, particularly in the first half. They trailed Dallas 48-46 at the break, and let's not use adjustment as an excuse, since the Mavericks didn't have Dirk Nowitzki and were breaking in O.J. Mayo, Darren Collison and Elton Brand as new starters.
The other way to view it is that the Lakers missed 19 of 31 free throws and neither Bryant nor Nash shot even one. If they'd gone 22 of 31, which still isn't good, they would have won.

-- OC Register
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