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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

I am giving mike brown the benefit of the doubt.. He has until the end of November to figure this out. If he doesn't, I'm done with him. I will want him fired at that point.

For now, it does not seem like this hybrid princeton offense will work at all. It is making Nash be just a sideshow. Why the hell would you pay Nash this much to be nothing more than a Derek Fisher?? You are NOT fully utilizing Nash's strengths. Princeton hybrid MUST go down the trash. Princeton offense has never won a championship before on the professional level for a reason.

The offense must start with Nash. Pick&roll with the bigs, alley-oops, very little isolations with kobe, do some quick nash to gasol in highpost to dwight in the paint, use kobe to draw double teams out of the post and get dwight his one-on-one matchup in paint or find the open man..

My opinion of what coaching staff should focus on:
-Get RID of princeton offense. You can use parts of it but only to a minor degree.
-Hire somebody to work with Dwight one-on-one to improve his FT shooting. This is a MUST and first priority. Orlando used to have somebody, Lakers need somebody too. 21% FT shooting is beyond horrendous, it's unspeakable. 60% FT shooting yesterday from Dwight would have made it a 2pt game

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