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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

Originally Posted by bladefd
I think that is one of the requirements of the hybrid princeton offense they are using (the offense has to initiate through the big man playing point center basically - for us, it is Gasol). Adelman used to use it with the Kings as you probably already know. They had Chris Webber at PF playing the role that they are trying to get Pau Gasol to play. The issue is that Webber had range that Gasol does not, Gasol is not even the best player on the team like Webber was with the Sacramento Queens.

This offense, if it isn't changed soon, will end up getting Mike Brown fired.

better do it now then later...without wasting a year of pau/kobe/nash/howard

why the fcuk did we sign Ebanks and let go barnes when Brown dumb a$$ brown wants to play Jamison at 3?

Jamison should be a stretch 4 with hill at 5 ...playing with nash or kobe....

J hill

this should be the rotation with the bench....and not

J hill

its worse when howard/j hill are both in the freaking spacing...I can understand it...why cant dumb potato head????

being long make ZERO sh!T when the players cant make shots...

my reaction to coaching yesterday...rotations
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