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Default Kevin Love finally comments on his broken hand

Asked how about people have suspected he actually punched something instead, he said, "I've heard it all by now. I just tell them, sorry, I don't have a better story for you. I know it's more sexy having punched something but also more idiotic, for lack of a better term. I didn't punch anything, sorry.

"I do during series of pushups all the time. My hand just gave on me."

On those suspicious, he said, "Of course, I've heard everything. This isn't TMZ, this isn't People magazine. I think most people are just looking for a story. For me, I know what happened. I'm not trying to get around it. I'm not trying to lie. That's what happened."

Asked if he has heard any other theories beyond punching something from fans or friends, he said, "Um, I can check my phone. I can check Twitter."

-- Minneapolis Star Tribune
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