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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

To be honest .. I'm really not diggin Mike Brown and his Princeton offense. smh

I had a coach in highschool that ran a F***** up system and had us spend 5-10 seconds up in half court. The point guard was like right near the logo and would either pass it to the SG or SF thats in both sides of the floor and if they couldn't find an opening they would pass it back to the PG. STUPID ASS SYSTEM. I wanted to yell at him for running this system, but I just couldn't. And I dont think I would be calm enough to talk to him about it. Sometimes the PG would get called for a backcourt violation. smh.

I F****** ran a pick & roll and he chewed my ass out for doin that ... sayin I have to run his plays. dude was weird as F***.

Google search "Mannheim Bisons" surprised the Womens made it to 1st place. THATS CUZ HE WASNT COACHING THEM.

This is what Kobe must been feeling for the past year. I remember when Mike Brown called a timeout when Kobe was about to do his thing. Which game was that?

Thank god for Martial Arts ... fighting in January.

Just sharin it to my Laker fam.

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