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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

Even though it took more than a season I'm glad to see that people are finally seeing how much Mike Brown is holding this team back. I honestly feel like he would hold most any team back. Last year he had a mostly inherited roster. He tried to make a roster that he didn't have much say in, play a style of his own and it obviously didn't work out well. This year the Lakers have a roster of his own. He tried to install his system and it still doesn't work.

He clearly doesn't coach to his players strengths. What coach on the face of the earth would have Steve Nash just camp out on the perimeter? Well, I guess we know the answer.... there's one and it's Brown. He basically turned a guy who makes plays for anyone and everyone into a SG who just camps out at the 3 point line. Nash was completely ineffective last night because of this. At least Kobe, Dwight, and Pau all put up decent numbers. Also as we all saw the rotations were terrible (again). Sure the Lakers missed some FT's. I actually blame part of that on him too. This offense isn't getting our good FT shooters to the line. It helps teams hack Dwight and we saw what happened there. The team definitely wasn't fired up for last night. There was no energy.

Bad strategy, bad rotation, bad energy. That sums up my long post, lol. All of that is on the coach. Fire him now. Again, I think we should have the discussion of who could take his place. That's the tough part.
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