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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

FU.CK THIS SLOW DOWN PRINCETON OFFENSE COZ LAST I CHECKED THEY NEVER WON A NCAA TITLE! It doesn't fit the style of our high profiled superstars on this team so with that said FIRE MIKE BROWN AND EDDIE JORDAN!!! I am pissed and was SCREAMING watching the game on my MY NEW 55' plasma high def tv purchased 3 weeks ago in time to see this year's lakers to bring home the championship but instead this ignorant s.o.b coach mike brown and his ASS.istant coach eddie jordan aka "The thief of baghdad" is going to steal our most promising season away from us if we continue utilizing this slow down b.s. princeton scheme!

Let's dissect this princeton offense a bit shall we? Fact of the matter our players look confused and don't look comfortable with it doesn't matter if its our first game in october or 35th game in january coz the bottom line is it's downright atrocious! I find this to be disastrous in the long run averaging fewer points then last years team w/97 ppg's with our athletes getting off fewer field goal attempts (77) against our opponents mavs (85) when we have 4 of the top 20 players in this league starting for us. Furthermore don't hold your breaths for the lakers to make a run coz once you get in a slow mo reaction it negates the possibilities of our athletes to get energized and utilize their best strengths on offense thus leaving them flat throughout. Last I checked percentage wise the team with the most FGA's wins not fewer then their opponents giving them a chance to be in ball games or eventually up their leads to double digits leaving us in dire strait situations when we should be putting most of our opponents away and setting the pace of the game!
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