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Default Re: Steve Nash makes Lakers regular season debut

Sessions averaged like 12 3 6 with the lakers.

I think Nash will get around the same with a few more assists. Maybe 12 2 9
His stat probably wont be to consistent because Kobe will take over games a lot but when he gets the pick and roll with Howard down it will free up Kobe Artest and Pau for more open shots. Hopefully Mike Brown gives him a little more freedom to.

Nash isnt gonna be a great fantasy player but if you need %s and assists he will be a nice option.

I believe its the 1st regular season game Kobe has played without recoding an assist since since Shaq left the Lakers. Clearly it was a bad game if you were looking for assists from the Lakers guards. But there is no way that will be consistent problem when there are so many great players on this team.

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