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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
Who was Jamison paired up against last night?

Anyways ... our bench sucks ... I feel like Meeks and Ebanks are inconsistent. No one to lead the floor while Nash and Kobe are off. I would feel much better if the Lakers signed Odom and had him in the 3 instead of Ebanks. Odom might have fell off but guess what? He has the experience.

We need a veteran in our Bench, someone who'll talk .. someone who'll lead the floor while the starters are off.

Jamison? Please

I think it's time to move Ron Ron to the bench.


--- Too slow? Want to speed it up?


But we dont need to speed it up ... remember we're running a Princeton offense

But if that 2nd lineup was to happen ... Nash would be playing 5 mins into the game and play in the 2nd qtr. along with the bench.

Our bench needs to change.

i dont want to see blake play 1 min...freaking the MOST useless player on the lakers.....

why the fcuk is Brown not playing ebanks? moron potato head
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