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Default Re: As a NBA fan nothing gets me more excited then opening night for the Toronto Raptors

Horrible play from the wings and terrible coaching by Casey. Clearly West was doing whatever he wanted with Bargs yet he just kept him out there when he was tired. He should have thrown Val at West and if he fouls out then deal with it accordingly.

Oh and DeRozan was starting to heat up in the third and then he sat him and let Anderson play forever. And the final play?? No screens? Just a simple throw to Bargs so he can stumble and throw up a prayer?

The referees by far were the worst part of the game.. even with the Raptors horrible play down the stretch they still would have won the game if it weren't for the refs. So many clear missed calls (West shoving Bargs to the floor, the tip off Greens hand, and all the non calls when players are getting hit driving to the net).

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