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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by thesnowman22
Playing 14 game season with Bobcats, 5 min quarters. This way i can get thru a bunch of seasons.

Trying to be somewhat realistic. After a couple of games traded Sessions, T Thomas, and 2 first round picks for Thomas Robinson, Garcia and trash. Also picked up Roddy b as my backup PG.

I been playing MKG at 4. Small line up- Kemba, Gordon, Henderson, MKG and Bismack. Robinson off bench. Then MKG broke wrist. Put Robinson at 4 and I think when he comes back i will leave him there and bring MKG off bench with starters minutes.

Started off 2-6, then won 5 of 6 to finish 7-7 and get 8 seed. Ben G was leading scorer in NBA while kemba was most improved. 76ers are #1, beat em first gamein 2 of 3 series.

I began playing on pro, but I may switch it harder next season as i am getting much better. Gordon shot 50% from 3 line.

Interestingly, Jruh Holiday was MVP.

Was planning on letting Ben G walk if he didnt take player option, but I cant now. He drains everything.

I led NBA in scoring, but also gave up most PPG.

I am getting confident enough on bobcats I may actually try to play em in an online game. kemba and Hendo are money from 15-17.

May start an entire other assoc at a higher level. Also, i usually sim a bunch and just be GM may do that too.

Gameplay in 2k13 is better once u get used to it.

how are the injuries on 14 game seasons? I tried that last year and every week I had 3 or so injuries when I hadn't even been playing a game that week. Jrue Holiday is 3rd in my myplayer's rookie season for MVP voting atm halfway through the season. Someone at 2k likes him
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