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Default Re: Trade talk, your opinion

Originally Posted by chuckyboy34
18 team h2h


al jefferson/d j augustin

for my

zach randolph/ vasquez

should i?
After 1 game I'd probably say no. Jefferson will probably have to start losing a few minutes so the Jazz can give more time to Favors and Kanter. DJ will probably be a bench player since the Pacers just gave that big deal to George Hill to run the point and I reckon Vasquez could put up prime Jose Calderon numbers (10-12ppg, 8-9 assists, a couple of 3 pointers) as long as he gets minutes, and the only guy who'd take minutes off him would be Austin Rivers who probably isn't ready yet.

I don't think the drop off between Jefferson and Randolph is big enough to make up for the difference between Augustin and Vazquez, Zach is still a starter, so he'll still probably put up 18-8 for the year.
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