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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

with this thread and these posts it kind of just hit me how we're down to a very small nets crew here on ISH after all the years of bad teams. i know MT and KLN pretty much pointed that out just now, but i guess i'd been sort of zoning on that fact.

probably as the "new nets" get rolling the customers will trickle in and this place will get a lot noisier and more interesting / chaotic.

anyway, i think this post will serve as my annual "spread the nets rep around" post instead of doing a full thread. mainly i just wanted to thank you guys for sticking around for so long through the miserable years. also, good to know that so many of you are easy-going, non-drama queens, non-punks. that's refreshing. :P

anyway, i'll start:

It's A VC3!!!
The Nets

two reps per day is my new limit, i guess. anyway, i'll keep adding to it as i can...

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