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Yeah, i don't know where all this negativity between Boozer and the Jazz came from to be honest. Sure, he hasn't played much for us, but what if he really, honestly WAS injured and actually just couldn't play for us? Boozer has never said, "I don't wanna be here" and the Jazz have never said, "We don't want him here" yet we keep hearing Boozer doesn't like it here or that the Jazz are trying to trade him away. I did hear one story tho... I recently lived in LA where Boozer has (or had?) a home. I heard that he was walking out of a Ralph's and some reporter asked him, "So when are you coming to the Lakers, Carlos?" And he supposedly said, "As soon as i can, man." But IMO, i think all of this is a buncha lies from the national media. They can't live with having a player of Boozer's caliber in Utah and so they stir up dissention in hopes of getting him traded to a bigger market or something.
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