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Default QB Collin Klein, why no NFL hype?

I've only seen him play twice this year...don't know too much about him, looks like he is also a TE or started as one before playing QB

height: 6'5" (perfect)
weight: 226 lbs

so my first thought is that I guess he is like Tebow, where he is a great runner but a horrible passer...but the numbers suggest that is WRONG

right now Klein is 117 for 165...a comp% of 70.9%...which is amazing

to put that into perspective, Andrew Luck had a 71.3% comp% last year...they are about the exact same...

so why is this guy no where to be found on mocks?...why on college QB prospect lists is he found near the bottom?

great height/size
looks like he is a very accurate thrower
he can RUN TOO!

I am not seeing the flaws here...
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