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Default Re: Zone or Man to Man D against fast, black, athletic youth?

Originally Posted by iamgine
Actually the race are useful in explaining. Fast is fast but a white people's "fast" are usually lower than black people's. Just like Jeremy Lin is athletic for Asian but not so much if he's black. Perhaps sounds racist but true.

It's not true... lol. Plus there are more races than black and white. I'm half Mauritian and half "white" and while I am not tall, I am just as athletic as anyone I've ever seen. Both of my parents were great athletes.

I think most people just think of black people when they think of athleticism.

This is a chuckle-worthy racist thread, not because it's demeaning but just because of the ignorant way it comes off. Like you would have to play differently against white people or black people. I'm surprised someone didn't come in like, "TRY TO OUTSMART THEM!"

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