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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
You guys are too funny. Mike Brown should be fired, but it's not because they went 0-8 in the preseason and lost two in a row to start this season. He should be fired because he's a really really (really really) awful coach who has predictable schemes, no creativity, and no clue with regard to rotations, managing minutes, or making adjustments. Other than that, he's fine.

The defense (allegedly Brown's forte) has been awful, but Dwight's very clearly not 100%. He had a lot of points tonight against an undersized Hickson and a rookie Leonard, but he wasn't finishing plays he'd normally smash; he even laid it up instead of dunking it several times, Divac-style. And this was especially obvious on defense, when he failed to hedge effectively on screen-rolls and lacked his usual ridiculous recovery speed. Once/if Dwight returns to normal, the defense will pick up, and the wins will accrue.

The offense shouldn't be blamed too much. The overeliance on the hybrid Princeton is a travesty when you have a magician like Nash on your team, but I'm hoping the staff learns to not run it as much when Nash is in the game. The Princeton should be utilized more when the bench is out there, since a lot of them are more dependent on getting shots through plays (so-called system players).

ANYWAY, this thread and the 37 other Brown threads are a bit of an overreaction. Mike Brown sucks, and overall he is a limiting factor on this team's potential (when a coach would ideally be the exact opposite), but this team will eventually figure it out and be a 2-3 seed, 55-ish win team. I'm more worried about the playoffs, when Brown's limitations as a strategist will be more exposed.

this is not about just 2 loses....this is about how the loses took place. Here are my points:

1. There is no effort or energy in the team. 1st game of the season and it looked like they are just going through the motions

2. nobody has clue where they should be on offense or what play to call or where to be on offense. Training camp started on Oct 1st and they had 3-4 weeks to train. even if all the 5 starters didnt practice together they should have basic 5-10 plays in their head which they can call when confused.

3. Rotations: What kind of rotations is it? even if its only 2 games + can tell Jamison is not a 3. The dude doesnt play defense at all and is up there in age and is getting abused playing the 3. Mike brown should know this and adapt...instead of having a rigid view and sticking to it.

4. Defense: we got mike brown because of his defense but look what these team did to his team. Both of these team wont make playoffs but scored at will on him....I remember 1 play where batum basically took 2-3 steps and dunk the ball. Hickson scored at will on Dwight.

5. Age of starters: they are all up there in age and are having injuries. They should not play 40 mins 2 games that are back to back.

6. Bench: You develop the bench during preseason and during early part of the season. Bench should be able to score and defense is bonus...somehow we dont have any scorers on the bench cause the utilization is incorrect. you cant freaking play a 4 at 3 and 3 at 2...a 2 you signed to shoot in the offseason doesnt get any minutes because of this.

7. Nash play: You are asking a 2 time MVP to walk the ball up....dump it to the bigs and go camp on the side 3 pt line or at the top....thats bull s$!t if you ask me

I can come up with 10 more reasons like this but I am at work. with Phil even if you lose couple you would be calm and know that they will get their act together when the time comes....

but with this chump who himself doesnt know what he is doing??? how can u trust this guy???

Friday is definitely a can count on it...
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