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Originally Posted by Rake2204
And that is why, at one point during the And1 era, it became popular for some players to break an opponent's ankles then just throw the ball into the crowd, the epitome of lame. You did what you were supposed to. You could have easily copped out and just broken the dude off then punted the ball into traffic and walked home for the day with one triumphant fist in the air as you disappeared into the horizon. But you didn't, and I respect that.

Thanks bud. Generally if I do something decent such as ankle breaking, i'll be like 'that move was great/amazing' and it can sometimes add to my confidence level and then I just resume playing as normal.

I did make a mistake in bricking the 3pt shot when there better options available though. The next time I caused the player to hit the deck, I dribbled into the space created and bounced passed it off to a wide open teammate in the low block for an easy two points.
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